5 Reasons to Attend VOICE Conference 2018

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PUSKAPA (Universitas Indonesia) and CPC Learning Network (Columbia University) will be hosting an international conference VOICE in Bali on the 12-14th of December 2018. This year, VOICE (Viable and Operable Ideas for Child Equality) focuses on "Finding Scientific Answers to the 21st Century Challenges for Families, Communities, and Public Policy". Under that, the conference will cover three main themes faced by today’s world: climate change and migration and how they affect children, toxic social norms and values and how they underlie harms for children, and children and technology.

The conference invites you to join hundreds of people with interests and expertise in the child well-being sector; be it researchers, academicians, practitioners, policy makers, and general public from all over the world. We are expecting around 250 participants.

Here are five reasons why we think you should attend VOICE Conference 2018:

1. It’s all about finding answers and networking

It’s true, we will talk about difficult issues. But during this conference, you will meet with like-minded people; those with interests and expertise in making the systems and services enable optimum human development. Hence, creating a sense of community and solidarity in finding solutions to the problems the world is facing. You can interact with someone that could dramatically blow your mind and impact your professional career. Imagine all the possibilities.

2. You get to expand your knowledge

The conference will host hundreds of people from all around the world, including top-level keynote speakers. You will hear numerous new things around child well-being. It could be the latest evidence, the latest thinking, and even new solutions. The great thing about going to a conference is that you get to learn about what people are currently working on, hence, will catch you up on this fast-evolving world. You will get to ask the speakers and presenters about their work directly, which is not something you can do while reading their publications.

3. You can present and discuss your ideas

Of course, this conference is not just about you hearing from other people. You can also present and discuss your thinking on the issues. Remember, everyone is eager to learn from each other, including from you!

4. You can learn beyond what you know now

During this conference, you will learn what child protection and well-being as a sector really are (no, it’s not only about babies and toddlers, and no it’s not only about bad things that happen to unlucky children). You will also hear from the global south and from the younger generation of thinkers and doers.

5. It’s in Bali!

Bali, as you have probably known, is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Imagine all the activities and places you get to see while you’re there. Do you need more reasons to come and visit Bali?


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