Engaging with Local Leaders: Pasuruan

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Every time we visit the field, we always look for opportunities to get acquainted and build relationships with the local leaders. We believe that advocating and building networks is just as important as doing research.


One of the opportunities arose when PUSKAPA was reviewing the strengthening of birth registration system introduced by UNICEF. PUSKAPA received an opportunity to meet the mayor from one of the intervention sites, Pasuruan.


The Mayor of Pasuruan is known for his openness and very supportive of the birth registration program driven by UNICEF and Bappenas since 2015. This meeting was intended to report on the activities being undertaken by the team, as well as to know the commitment of the Mayor to the birth registration program that has been moved by UNICEF and Bappenas.


The meeting was attended by the research team from PUSKAPA, Head of Population and Civil Registry Office (Disdukcapil) Pasuruan, and the representative from LPA Pasuruan City. On this occasion, LPA Pasuruan City was also given the opportunity to further introduce their organization to the mayor.


In addition to the discussion on birth registration, the Mayor also discussed the plan on using Disdukcapil demographic data for more targeted development planning. The Mayor also conferred the community empowerment program plans as an alternative to social assistance programs.


The Mayor showed his support for the ongoing evaluation. He said, "We can not judge ourselves because there will be many biases."


Therefore, according to him, external parties need to conduct an assessment and provide constructive criticism for the local government to further improve its programs. Hopefully, this evaluation activity will continue to make Pasuruan a better city.


Together with our partners, PUSKAPA together will continue to establish relationships with local governments in our working areas, in order to form a stronger collaboration in achieving program’s objectives.