PUSKAPA’s Board of Advisors Meeting: Development Direction Begins with Children

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"If the human development efforts do not begin with children, the direction of our development can not be planned properly," said Pak Irwanto, Chairman of the Advisory Board of PUSKAPA while opening a meeting of PUSKAPA’s Board of Advisors in Jakarta, April 5, 2018.

Everyone present in the room agreed to support the child to develop optimally, because the child is the next generation that will determine the fate of Indonesia. The meeting discussed the existence of 'historical accidents' in the world of child protection, when people treat child protection only as violence prevention. In fact, there are still many aspects of child protection that need to be followed up. If we focus solely on violence, the child sector will not have a strong position in the development planning process.

PUSKAPA also recounts its journey since its inception in 2009, which started from two small tables in 2009, until now where 28 staffs joined in PUSKAPA. The development of PUSKAPA will continue to be supported by partners and colleagues. A small team of board of advisors, which consists of personnels with positions and contributions to child issues, will help to ensure strategic support for PUSKAPA. The meeting was attended by the PUSKAPA management team with members of the PUSKAPA advisory board for the period 2018-2022. Advisory board members elaborated their background and how with different perspectives, they also work for children issues. They are: Mr. Agustinus Pohan (lecturer and legal practitioner from Parahyangan University), Mr. Arie Setiabudi Soesilo (Dean of FISIP UI, ex-officio), Ms. Herawati Sudoyo (founder of Eijkman Molecular Biology Institute), and Ibu Nina Sardjunani (Team Leader of Secretariat SDGs). Unfortunately, Mr. Pungky Sumadi (Deputy Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas for Population and Employment) and Ibu Sinta Nuriyah (Founder of Puan Amal Hayati Foundation) were unable to attend the meeting, but we are excited to meet them in the near future.

Improving children's access to health, education, justice, and social services in Indonesia is the main work of PUSKAPA. In order to achieve these objectives, the Board of Advisor meeting reminded PUSKAPA of the importance of support and intake from parties and stakeholders with interests and capacities in the protection of children, vulnerable and special needs, and social welfare in Indonesia.

We are excited to work with advisory council members who share the same interests and concerns, and enrich our perspectives because they come from different backgrounds.