The Formation of Regional Legal Identity Working Group: Transmitting spirit to the regions

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After the declaration for the working group for legal identity in Jakarta back in February 21st, 2018, similar working group has also been established in several other provinces, which are; Aceh, South Sulawesi, West Nusa Tenggara and central Java.

In Aceh, the working group for legal identity was declared on March 29, 2018, initiated by Pusat Kajian dan Pendidikan Masyarakat (PKPM) and consisted of 13 different civil society organizations (CSOs). The declaration of working group was attended by Provincial Government, Department of Population and Civil Registry, and CSOs.

South Sulawesi (Sulsel) followed soon after with the formation of legal identity working group, introduced by Yayasan Adil Sejahtera (YAS) with 21 CSO members and a government institution (South Sulawesi’s Ombudsman). The working group in South Sulawesi was announced on April 10th 2018 in Makassar, with the Director of Population Planning and Social Protection, BAPPENAS, as the keynote speaker. The director investigated the challenges in Civil Registration and Vital Statistic (CRVS).

Legal Identity Working Group in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) was introduced on April 24, 2018, in Mataram. This formation was driven by NTB child protection institution (LPA NTB) with 11 CSO members who are concerned with legal identity issues in NTB. As an effort to build partnership, NTB’s legal identity working group incorporated the provincial government in the working group’s structure as adviser. The declaration also showcased NTB’s Department of Population and Civil Registration innovations to improve the quality of services and increase the ownership of legal identity.

Similar to the work of NTB’s working group, Central Java’s legal identity working group also involved the government in its development. The working group in Central Java was initiated by the Institute for Development Resource Study and Development(LPPSP), with 14 CSO members. The event was held on May 22nd, 2018 that and joined by the Central Java Provincial Government, the department of Population and Civil Registry of Regency/Municipal Civil, CSPs and several universities. The Central Java Provincial Government, through the Secretary of the Provincial Government, gladly welcome the legal identity working group in Central Java and expecting the contribution of the working group in improving the quality of population administration services and to actively participate as government’s strategic partner, including regency/municipal governments in Central Java.

By the end of this year, the establishment of legal identity working group in East Java, West Sulawesi, and East Nusa Tenggara is already planned. Nevertheless, the possibility of establishing the working group in other provinces is still open.

In every region, the working groups have made specific planning for their work, resulting from mutual agreement between members. However, there is a common thread among provinces, namely to provide input the second revision of the population administration act Adminduk. In every province, this activity will involve CSOs, Department of Population and Civil Registry of Regency/Municipality (as well as other related sectors), in focus group discussions that will be done separately to gather the input for the second revision of the Adminduk law. Providing input for the revision can be seen as the main program of all legal identity working group is to ensure an accountable, inclusive, and non-discriminatory legal identity system. The working group will develop an academic paper for the Adminduk Law revision and pociy briefs as the supporting material for working group’s advocacy to the parliament on July 2018.

By far, the relations of inter-provincial legal identity working group are coordinative and consultative. The legal identity working group in Jakarta support and provide technical assistance for the activity of the working groups in different region, including capacity building in each province. Nonetheless, there’s an ongoing discourse to make Jakarta’s working group as the national working group, for its intiatives in developing working groups in the regions. The matter will be discussed in the inter-working group meeting that will be held on July 2018 in Jakarta.