Who We Are

Who We Are

PUSKAPA (Center on Child Protection and Wellbeing at Universitas Indonesia) is an interdisciplinary team of researchers, policy thinkers, and program implementers.

How We Do It

Our thinking leads to action. We think idealistically and act strategically. We do this through:

Research and Publications to inform our action.

Advocacy and Capacity Building to promote evidence-based solutions

Program Management to implement what we promote.

Our Focus Area

Pillar 1: Social Inclusion and Protection

We work to make sure children and vulnerable individuals enjoy access to appropriate health, learning, and social care, and are safe from harms.

Pillar 2: Legal Identity and CRVS

We work to make sure children and vulnerable individuals enjoy ownership of legal identity documents that facilitate their access to services and their data are managed, used, and protected with accountability.

Pillar 3: Access to Justice

We work to make sure children and vulnerable individuals enjoy civil liberties and suitable legal representation, rehabilitation, and reintegration in and from the justice system.

Meet the Team

  • Santi Kusumaningrum

  • Bram Maurits

    Assistant for Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (RME)
  • Bondan Mahardhika Utomo

    Finance Assistant
  • Cendy Adam

    Research and Advocacy Assistant
  • Clara Siagian

    Senior Researcher
  • Dalimaya

    Finance Manager
  • Eriando Rizky

    Research and Advocacy Assistant
  • Erlangga Saputra

    Research and Advocacy Assistant
  • Feri Sahputra

    Lead for Access to Justice
  • Harriz Jati

    Knowledge Manager
  • Ilana Seff

    Senior Advisor for Research and Publications
  • Irwanto

    Chair for PUSKAPA's Board of Advisors
  • Marsha Habib

    Communication and Relations Manager
  • Meutia Aulia Rahmi

    Research and Advocacy Assistant
  • Nadira Irdiana

    Research and Advocacy Associate
  • Ni Luh Putu Maitra Agastya

    Senior Researcher
  • Ni Made Martini Puteri

    Head of Operations
  • Petty Handani

    Logistic and Procurement Officer
  • Putri Kusuma Amanda

    Head of Programs
  • Rahmadi Usman

    Lead for Legal Identity and CRVS
  • Sandra Dewi Arifiani

    Research and Advocacy Associate
  • Shaila Tieken

    Research and Advocacy Associate
  • Trinia Prabawani

    Finance Assistant
  • Wenny Wandasari

    Research and Advocacy Associate
  • Widi Laras Sari

    Lead for Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation (RME)
  • Windy Liem

    Research and Advocacy Associate
  • Yanti Nurhayati

  • Yulianti

    Administrative Assistant