Counting and Analyze the deaths to improve the quality of life

Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) is the continuous, compulsory, permanent and universal recording of vital events such as birth, death, marriage, divorce and cause of death. CRVS systems also form the basis of accurate planning, budgeting and evaluation of state’s performance. Since 2013, the Ministry of Health under the Division of Humaniora, National Center for Health Research and Development, has been developing a system to record death and cause of death, namely Sample Registration System (SRS). Initially, SRS was intended to obtain an accurate estimation of the number of deaths and their causes nationally. SRS then expanded to include birth registration and live births recording in Indonesia. This seminar discussed the overview of SRS, its objectives, results so far, and policy implications. It also presented an overview of the development of the Ministry of Health’s pilot CRVS system.