Internship and Practicum Program

Internship and Practicum Program

We encourage students to share their insight and experience with PUSKAPA team members. Both parties benefit since stimulating ideas and research undertakings are shared, and existing infrastructure, missions, and networks are expanded to explore new ways to solve Indonesia’s big problems at scale.

Please see our internship and practicum programs below for further opportunities to work with PUSKAPA.

What is our internship program and who is eligible?

PUSKAPA provides an opportunity for Universitas Indonesia students to apply for our three-month internship program. The internship program provides university students with an extensive opportunity to work on the various undertakings and projects of each of PUSKAPA’s pillars. We are looking for students who are passionate about child protection and building their professional capacities as both thinkers and researchers. At this time, our internship program is only open to UI students; however, we are working towards extending the application to university students across Indonesia.

What is our practicum program and who is eligible?

PUSKAPA provides an opportunity for graduate students to conduct their practicum projects with PUSKAPA. Practicum requirements may vary by graduate university, which we work to accommodate. Our practicum program provides graduate students with very specific work experience as students will be assigned a project during their duration and will report to their host mentor at PUSKAPA. Our program is open to graduate students receiving degrees in varying disciplines; however, graduate students receiving their degree in public health, public policy, and communication are encouraged to apply.