Pathways Out of Adversity: Exploratory Study Working Paper

“In early 2016, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and PUSKAPA, together with partners from Columbia University, Universitas Atma Jaya, and SurveyMETER, launched the Pathways Out of Adversity (Pathways) study, a multi-year research initiative aiming to establish a national evidence base on the effects of early childhood adversity on the wellbeing, resilience, and potential of Indonesia’s next generation.

Specifically, the Pathways study will examine the effects of three categories of adversity (exposures) on children’s wellbeing from infancy to late adolescence. The three categories of adversity include:

  1. Insufficient access to responsive care and critical resources, such as nutritious and appropriate food;
  2. Insufficient access to quality basic services, such as education, health, and social assistance; and
  3. Adverse exposures, including violence and natural disasters.