We Changed Our Logo!

We Changed Our Logo!

PUSKAPA officially turned 10 in August 2019. We began our journey as a small, three-person office, seated in a corner of a shared hall. As we reflect on such a humble beginning, we are reminded to celebrate but also to be grateful for where we are now.

We are honored to have worked with various national and international partners, civil society, government ministries, and intra-national bodies. We will continue to strengthen our partnerships. We are proud to have led important research on children’s well-being because our studies were collaborative and published in prestigious scientific journals. We will continue to improve our rigor. We were consistent in making our research not only about publication but to use the data to inform our advocacy, capacity building, and program implementation. We will continue our evidence and ethics-driven work to bring desirable changes to the lives of children and the vulnerable. Our work in the past decade has taken us from Sabang to Papua and put us in touch with the excluded, the harmed, and the invisible. We will continue to better our reach so we can be useful to them.

In those ten years, we have also experienced some difficulties. While child-related policies and programs are designed with good intentions and based on science, the practice may occasionally different or produce unintended consequences. Rather than be disheartened by these setbacks, we are reassured of the need to generate stronger evidence, be more effective in our advocacy, and evaluate our work regularly.

As PUSKAPA’s first ten years come to an end and our experiences crystallized, we begin to look at ourselves anew. Our fight against exclusion remains unshaken with an even clearer conviction to provide a fair chance for all children.

To begin the second decade of our journey, we give ourselves a change of logo. Our new logo will incorporate a new additional banner containing the words “10 years championing inclusive solutions.”

This new logo symbolizes our growth as an organization. We began our history with a desire to help policymakers improve children’s access to health, education, justice, and social care in Indonesia. We begin our new decade with a renewed commitment to work with policymakers and civil society to create equal opportunities for all children to thrive and to build a safe, just, and inclusive society for children and vulnerable individuals.

We can’t wait to walk the next decade with all of you.